Monday, February 8, 2010

Now we're getting there !

~ mile 1079.7- Bakers Haulover Inlet - Oleta State Park - we are just outside of Miami on Superbowl Sunday and no way to watch the game. - we are in a pond just off the shore of theFlorida International University bay Vista Campus - very pretty here - we will head to Miami central today. This is another pond - nice green water - Don had to dive to clean the barnacles off our prop.  Lots of boats in here and very scenic. We will stop here for sure on our way back north. We once again thought we would go out the inlet - this one in Ft. lauderdale.  Wow ! As you approach the inlet things get very busy.  I had the binoculars out to look out to sea - didn't like at all what I was seeing - the wind this morning was already a lot stronger than all 3 of our research sources said it would be.  We could see the waves boiling out there so Don just stay in the ICW - I was busy with  he chart and trying to figure out the next bridge that would be in front of us.  Don suddenly said - "Marg - look up" Wow - wow -wow - they make these ships big ! This is really quite an experience navigating through these larger cities with all the pleasure and commercial traffic. Intimidating, exciting, nerve wracking and fun.

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