Friday, November 7, 2008

Beaufort and the promise of a shower !

Friday Nov 7, 2008 Beaufort,NC Mile 203 - cell service - so much to do - laundry, showers, Bayside Rentals ! more later !
...We had the best time - nothing fancy but last year we stopped over in Beaufort and it was cold and windy - this year it was sunny, we dug out our shorts. Our wonderful friend Norma (PHOTO:Rita - another Westsailor ~ Wayne & Norma - left to right)picked us up on shore and took us to their home for showers, wonderful smoked Gouda cheese , beer, out for pizza with other boating friends, John & Georgia. Just a wonderful warm welcoming. We spent Sunday doing laundry , using Wayne's car for a West Marine run and grocery shopping. Then back to Wayne & Norma's home for the University of North Carolina football game and for me ~ Bayside Rentals work on wifi ! A treat and quite a few hours of much needed catching up. Norma's chili put a wonderful exclamation point on a fruitful day.

Wayne and Norma used to own a Westsail 32 and lived aboard full time exploring much more than the eastern seaboard as we are doing. They are happily aground again and Wayne who works at the city docks part time for amusement - exclaimed to us that he is tired of boats, and all that goes with it. He is is going to take his oars, put them over his shoulders, head west and when someone finally says - "what are those?" he is going to stop and build his house in that spot ! :) At any rate Wayne we are happy you sailed and owned your Westsail and that Don couldn't resist meeting you at Yankee Point (2002?)and as they say the rest is history .

The photos (click on 'em- they get bigger but if you don't push back key the site disappears - I need to figure that out ! ) shows the village of Beaufort from our mooring that we rented. Not a large town but a few nice shops and wonderful parade of incredible boats at the town docks all in clear view of our home for 2 nights.

Off to camp LeJeune in the morning.... Margaret


Sue said...

Refresh yourselves!!!!

Robert said...

Glad to hear from you. New stickers are on the Van. Hope you have been having a good trip.

Norma said...

Sure glad we were able to give you that shower - you damn well needed it !!Norma

georgiedunn said...

Yikes! You've really had quite a time of it. I'm wondering what we have ahead of us. We're in Oriental NC at this point and have had quite a bit of bad weather. It should be nice in the next week though which should bode well for you on the outside and hopefully us on the inside.