Friday, November 7, 2008

Bautiful sailing day on the Pamlico

Thursday Nov 6,2008 Mile 173.5 Broad Creek near Oriental - but still in the middle of nowhere ! We had a great travel day with more than a fair amount of wind - 20 - 25 mph -We kept the engine on as we crossed the Pamlico River about 3 miles - we were heeled over, getting wet from the spray over our bow and had just the jib up. I skippered and it was loads of fun. About 12 boats - most of them larger than us and able to shut off their power completely. Part of this same day was traveling down the Nuese River ~ the wind wasn't as severe and we were on a nice reach. We were able to shut he engine off and have a really nice sail. As the river widened and the winds stayed strong we had to decide how far to go - we decided to pull into Broad Creek in hopes of cell service. No cell service but a beautiful quiet spot - Again about 12 boats pulled in and anchored near us. We wee treated to a gorgeous sunset and our friends came on to our boat this time for dinner. We had a great time and talked about getting up at 5:30 the following morning to head for Beaufort... still haven't had that shower !

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