Saturday, November 29, 2008

Warm and Playing on the Beach

Mile 878 ~ Titusville, FL ~ 76 degrees - dug out our shorts so I guess we have arrived! We spent two nights in Rockhouse Creek near the P0nce de Leon inlet - it's such a pretty spot and an easy dingy ride to the Ocean. The photos today are from Rockhouse Creek as Titsuville is completely unremarkable. (second tallest lighthouse in US , our dingy & Don on beach ) We are here in hopes of seeing the shuttle landing tomorrow , Sunday, and on Monday with our friends Greg & Michelle ( just can't shake them can we?) we are renting a car and going to the Kennedy Space Center just 1/2 hour from here.. We've heard it's well worth the time and effort.
We dingyed across the marsh and the river going to the inlet to the lighthouse where this funky restaurant is as well. 175 ' tall, Florida's tallest lighthouse and the second tallest in the US - it is still used as an active navigation light. When we got back in our dingy it was low tide so we had to motor our little boat out towards the inlet - it's a holiday weekend and everyone in Florida has a boat so we had to be careful about the large wakes , the wind had come up and i was terrified we were going to end up too far in the inlet. A little excitement ~ fortunately Don got us to shore where we took another nice walk around the point on the river side to the ocean beach. It's wild to see the cars on the beach. The sand is so hard people also bike on the beach.

A nice resting spot after our travels ~ now for Titusville...

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