Friday, November 7, 2008

Gale & Bread !

Tuesday &Wednesday Nov 4 & 5,2008
Mile 140 Slade Creek off the Pamlico River ~Well we had what is called a bumpy night as the wind came up out of the east and created waves in the river we were anchored in- We have had much worse nights in the past and experience from last year kept me from being frightened. There is a gale out at sea ~ we aren’t very far inland of the outer banks and the next large body of water we need to cross is the Pamlico River that opens to the Pamlico Sound which is open to the ocean. We held up in this same anchorage last year as a hurricane passed through. So we will sit tight – near Bellhaven NC – out in the middle of nowhere with no cell service with our friends Greg and Michelle aboard Argonauta, as well as "Kismet" & "Osprey" who we have been with on and off since the Dismal swamp.

November 5th Wednesday ~ The winds aren’t too bad, we are safe and getting a lot of reading done. Don has taken apart our heating unit yet again to find a fix to the diesel leak and puff backs – think we got it this time. Greg and Michelle get to be photo of the day as they kayaked over to deliver us some bread they made while waiting out the weather !! What a treat – fresh baked potato bread from that old VT farmer boy ! .... Margaret

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