Tuesday, November 25, 2008

St. Augustine, FL

Mile 777.8 ~ St Augustine,FL - Monday 11/24 ~ This is a really neat little city – we took a short day from Pine Island to St. Augustine and anchored right off the city north of the Bridge of Lions around 10 AM. The marina allows us to dingy to their dock for a fee of 10.00 which includes the shower and laundry facilities.

There is a fort right on the waterfront and the town is full of large buildings of Spanish Renaissance Architecture. We toured part of Flagler College which occupies what was once a luxurious hotel built in 1888. We also toured the St. Augustine Basilica Cathedral. Both buildings are magnificent and have gorgeous stained glass. Flagler colleges has walls of original Tiffany glass windows. St. Augustine was founded in 1565 as a Spanish military outpost. It feels very European and has wonderful narrow old streets paved with brick.

It was a fun day to just tour the city . We ogt back to the boat before dark to be cheered by the lights that outline all the buildings on the waterfront. A great front row seat from our point of view.

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