Friday, November 14, 2008


Mile 403 Georgetown,SC ~
Mile – Arrived 11/13 Departed for Charleston, SC area 11/15

This is our third visit to Georgeton and we love the place. It’s a funny town in a way – On the water with a paper mill and a steel mill – not so attractive but with a downtown that is very attractive, charming and trying to revitalized. As we walked around we noticed more shops had opened though a nice restaurant where we had eaten lunch had gone out of business. We walked the mile or so to the Piggly Wiggly ( don’t you just love it ! ) and of course then got to see the traffic headed to the mills, the McDonalds and all the other crap that goes with it. But back in the old downtown of Georgetown are blocks of beautifully canopied residential streets with a real mix of old quite run down homes where the poor still live , newly renovated homes and larger stately old homes some of which are law offices or B& B’s but some still one family residences. The canopy is from "live oaks" so called because though they lose their leaves, new ones are right behind so they never lose their foliage and are green year round. We walked to the fish market on the waterfront – bought fresh off the boat shrimp – sautéed it in garlic – Yummmm!

Saturday morning fog

Tiller loves to hop on the dock when we stop for fuel - he's always a big hit and he's very friendly to all the dogs we see and not very nice to cats. Our guess is over 50% of cruisers have a pet aboard.

This is an interesting bridge we had to go through on our way to Georgetown. It's a floating pontoon bridge. Part of the road is actually on a barge, the bridgetender moves the barge to the side, drops a cable and lets the boats through. If you click the photo it does get bigger but then click back or the blog disappears.

downtown Georgetown,SC


sean said...

Loyally reading about your progress down the ditch. Unseasonable warm here but of course in November that comes with rain. I noticed from the weather channel that you had it first. How does progress this year compare to last? Sean

Margaret and Don Lacoste said...

Hey Sean - good to hear from you - ironically we got into Georgetown 1 year to the day from last year. Much warmer trip this year though we have been cold. 78 when we got to Georgetown but now near Charleston on Sunday it's in the 40's windy and cold. Fore sure we have had more warm days than last year. Some of the challenges have been the same(low water ) but beacuse we move so slowly it amazes us how much we remember each bend and intersection along the way. To have last year's trip under our belts has been a big help - I can actually see some of the sights instead of being too fearful to get my head out of the gps. Lot sof love, marg
PS styaed tuned for big progress - we are about to head off shore !