Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Thought It Was a Costume Ball

Mile 570 ~New River ,SC - very near Savannah, GA ~ We left Beaufort, SC Wed. Nov 18th after just one night because of temps in the high 20's overnight - just too cold and very windy so south we go. Now girls ~ the outfit ~ On top my hot chilli's long underwear, turttleneck, thick flannel fleece hooded sweatshirt, 2 layer North Face Arctic gear ski parka ~ On the bottom - 2 pairs of smart wool socks into which I have tucked my flannel pj's, then jeans, then mens wind pants pulled artfully up over the sweatshirt so not a breath of air can tough my back side. Nice huh?

We were actually warmer today because once we got going the winds weren't nearly as bad as our trip the day before to Beaufort. We wound through rivers, sounds and cuts and canals, mostly smaller water and slightly more protected from the elements.

The day ended in a beautiful anchorage just north of Savannah. Don needs to change the oil - a messy job - we'll tidy up the boat and breathe a bit - 3 in the afternoon and some warmth from the sun. We contemplate going to the Isle of Hope marina and venturing into Savannah for a couple of days. There are no trees, just march land between us and the Savannah River. We can see the container ships - it looks like a small city gliding across the grass. The wind has died , it's quiet, cold but without wind our heater is working well. Plans change in a minute - we have been listening to the weather and talking with Greg who is in St. Mary's GA - to give us the latest reports where we would be coming in off the ocean~it looks right to do an outside trip from Savannah to the St. Mary's inlet bring us to Fernandina , FL in an overnight. We'll sleep on it .......


Joan said...

Nice look, Marg! We headed to the cape overnight to turn on the heat and woke up to no power and 2" on snow! Some trip to the beach!! Back in sunny, sensible Vermont now.

amyn said...

Geez, Marg, I thought you were heading south where it is warm! Quite a fashion look. Must share it with Senja, the fashion maven amongst us.