Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now That Was a Lot of Fun !!

Mile 536.3 ~ Beaufort, SC . Tiller says it all. Woke this morning to temps in the 30's - had a fairly restful night as the winds kicked up for only part of the night - we were prepared after a gorgeous sun set and calm evening for the predicted winds. Out here you feel it all, every little gust . We got up a little later than our usual 5:30 and pulled anchor at 8:00 - playing the tides as today was full of cuts between rivers. The rivers for east and west and the cuts south - the water can be very shallow at the end of the cuts or at the bends in the rivers. By the time we got into the first river the wind had kicked up to 20 -25. Sometimes it doesn't sound like a lot - we watch tv and the hurricanes in someone else's back yard - 100 mile an hour winds - I can't even imagine. I don't want to imagine. I don't want to experience that kind of wind. 20 - 30 knots that is blew all day is a lot of wind particularly sitting in the open cockpit of our Westsail 32. by the time we got to the Coosaw River that is quite wide, the waves were crashing over our starboard side - we were able to put the automatic pilot on our tiller and Don went below to warm up and put his storm pants on. We had on our ski gear and believe me we were freezing ! Tonight I feel that burn on my cheeks just like a long day on the slopes. Hmm somehow this just wasn't quite as much fun.

Tiller was afraid of the wind and while Don was below he came out of the boat trying to find refuge and crawled as you can see in our chart book. It didn't last long but I did have my camera out between waves.

We love this town of Beaufort. We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving here last year but are early this year as Thanksgiving is late. We had to sit on the boat for a while after we arrived because the wind gusts were up to 30 knots and we had to be sure the boat was anchored securely and we were far enough from other boats. We finally launched our dingy and went to town, did a little Christmas shopping, had an appetizer dinner at one of the local restaurants. It felt good to walk around town. We didn't partake of the shower facilities because washing my hair and then getting in the dingy with these temps - no thanks.

So with the high winds expected the next several days but the tides high mid day we think we will stick with the icw instead of heading out the Port Royal inlet as we thought me might - and as a PS ~ our friend Greg is safely in St. Mary's Georgia/Fenandina beach, FL but he paid for it. We made the right decision not to go outside. The winds were high, the waves were high and the inlet was hell. Why you ask? So do I ! .......Margaret
these photos get bigger but then you have to push back button - our email is baysiderent@gwi.net and to get the same hair-do just don't shower or brush-use your fingers to part it but be sure not to have a mirror , then twist is anyway that will fit under 2 hats.


Joan H. Campbell said...

Enjoy Beaufort! We sure had a good time there last spring. Good luck getting that shower in....it's always the little things!

Margaret and Don Lacoste said...

Unfortunately we had to move on but not before taking advantage of happy hour at Kathleens !- just too cold - 31 this morning - to dingy in for shower with wet hair not fun - we'll be in a nice anchorage tonight then a marina tomorrow - love,m

Silas said...

Watch out for Pirates Marg, they might try to pillage your boat for Miller Light.