Thursday, November 27, 2008


Mile 842.2Rockhouse Creek, south of Daytona ~ There is much to be thankful for despite the feeling that the world is upsidedown (even Tiller thinks so ) and our safety nets aren't all that safe as it turns out. The sun is out - we're sharing dinner with friends this afternoon , our bellies will be full. We are so much more hopeful now that Obama will be at the helm. We voted before we left home and were in a small creek near Bellhaven, NC waiting out a storm the day of the election. Our travel days were long and cold and we were tired. We listened early to the returns on NPR but hadn't heard much before we went to bed. The winds were very strong that night. At 3AM Don got up to check our anchor and be sure we hadn't dragged - he turned on the radio and we listened to a talk show on NPR but couldn't for a few minutes figure out who won - they finally said it. We cheered and danced around a bit before going back to bed. Hope - that was our biggest emotion. This country is off track.

We feel fortunate to be traveling slow and seeing a slice of waterfront life, historic small towns relying on boating and tourism. WE can't help but notice and enjoy nature at this speed, all the birds, the dophins , the protected manatees. We've seen many bald eagles and endless osprey and pelicans. We love watching the shore brids flit on the beach pecking for food. We are on foot most of the time and don't get out of town to see Walmart and the rest of the big box sotres. We can just for a while pretend the world is even on it's axis. We meet new people daily and see boaters helping boaters. There is so much good about our country and the lives we have been fortunate enough to grow up in - so for that - for friends and family we give thanks.

We were in Daytona last night anchored on the side of the Halifax River in front of the sewage treatment plant that gave us a great sunset ! It looked liked the colors you see on a tacky black velvet painting in a Florida tourist shop. We had a nice walk in Daytona to West marine for a few supplies and found some clothes on the sale rack. Onward to Rockhouse Creek this morning- just a 2 hr boat ride - wishing to be in a beautiful spot for the holiday- and it is. We dingied to the beach and had a nice walk at the ocean - this is the 3rd time we've anchored here - this time 7 of us have squeezed in here. Oh - gotta go - our neighbor from RI has invited us over - so cheers and Happy Thanksgiving with love - Marg -Don & Tiller


Anonymous said...

marg & don
gonna try this again
we are fat 'n happy after nice dinner a bro laws Bills house
fun to be around little ones that just go gugu and
yaya and the most fun is to bounce and run and don't need no shoppin mall or boy fren to make the day
heded to vt early am
happy happy

Margaret said...

you've got it now - here w are in our anchorage with no football, or shopping oppotunites ourselves. We had a lot of fun - socialized with a couple from Canton MA on their beautiful large boat ( she has a shower and washer dryer ) and then dinner on Argonauta- we combined our groceries and made a real meal of it - I even provided linen napkins instead of the usual 1/2 pece of paper towel. Have fun in VT - would love to be there too - xx00M